Capital Smart city

Project Overview

PropertyHousing Project
ProjectCapital Smart City Islamabad
DeveloperHabib Rafiq
Plot Size3.5 Marla to 2 Kanal
LocationChakri Road - Near AirPort
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Capital Smart City Islamabad is Pakistan’s first smart city. Meanwhile, it is ranked as  23rd Smart City of the world. This iconic project allures investors from all over the globe. Capital Smart City is most appealing real estate development in past years.

Capital Smart City believed as one of the best options for investors in both, national & international markets. Furthermore, the legal framework, means of production & efficient business opportunities certainly makes it center of attraction for all kind of investors.

Furthermore, below you will get the Capital Smart City’s complete information about the Project, Payment Plan, No Objection Certificate (NOC) Details, Launching Date & Latest Development Updates.

Capital Smart City Owner & Developers

Smart City Islamabad is a combined project of two competent developers, Habib Rafiq Pvt. LTD and Future Holding Developments Pvt. LTD (FDHL).

Habib Rafiq Pvt. LTD

Habib Rafiq developers have been in the construction and industrial business for over 5 decades now. HRL entered 15 years ago into the housing development and infrastructure business. And has proven themselves to be one of the best and most trustworthy developers in the market.

In the past, they have been a strong and influential share of developmental in various projects such as Bahria and DHA in Islamabad. The company has launched its housing societies named Royal Orchard Sahiwal, Royal Orchard Multan, and Royal Orchard Sargodha successfully.

The reason behind their achievements is their simplicity, dedication, and sincerity toward their job. The company has focused majorly on the needs of customers living in Pakistan as well as overseas.


Future Developments Holdings Pvt. LTD

FDHL is one of the top developers in Pakistan’s real estate and asset management firm. The company assists other companies with futuristic projects like Smart cities. They also focus on providing luxurious and advanced living with profitable contributions to the customers

The company was registered in 1984 under the Companies Ordinance. Several international and national business entities have joined hands with this organization. FDHL is a combination of two major firms that have expertise in technical and leadership skills, CLIC and EDL.

Developers have done wonders in providing a modern living concept of lifestyle to the industrial and residential zone.

Capital Smart City NOC

Capital Smart City Islamabad falls in the territory, which comes under the jurisdiction of Rawalpindi Development Authority. The good news for investors and potential investors is that the RDA has already approved the Capital Smart City NOC.

There are a bunch of other housing societies in the area where Capital Smart City is located but there are almost zero societies that have acquired NOC from RDA. Not only this, there is a general perception that RDA takes up to months and sometimes years to grant societies their NOC, but comparatively, Capital Smart City NOC was granted in record time. This all proves the legitimacy and potential of the project.

If you want to confirm the status of NOC by yourself, you can check it on the official website of RDA. This project is listed under the list of legal/approved housing societies.

Sometimes the Capital Smart City NOC status can appear as ‘under-review’ on the official website of RDA. That doesn’t indicate that it is an illegal project or does not have its NOC. The only reason behind it is that when a society is extended, it has to apply for NOC all over again, RDA conducts all its reviews again, and then the NOC is reviewed. CSC Islamabad keeps adding new blocks or expanding, and every time it does so, Capital Smart City owners and developers fulfill their legal obligation and apply for renewal of NOC. That neither makes the society illegal nor its already acquired NOC null and void.

Capital Smart City


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Capital smart City Islamabad Master Plan:

Capital smart city layout is a blend of natural landscape, contemporary design features and careful articulation of available spaces so as to house all segments of top citizens.

capital smart City Location :

The Islamabad Capital Smart City enjoys a premium location in the suburbs of Islamabad and Rawalpindi. The society lies near the Thalian Interchange on Islamabad – Lahore Motorway M2. The housing society is a 5-minute drive from New Islamabad International Motorway. On the other side, the housing society bisects Chakri Road from Rawalpindi. CSC is one of the only societies in the area that has a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA). Also, this society has also been approved by the National Highway Authority (NHA) and FWO to construct a dedicated interchange on Lahore – Islamabad motorway. The location also lies in close proximity to the proposed Rawalpindi Ring Road as well as the upcoming China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) route. According to the location and map of Islamabad Capital Smart City, the CSC is set to be constructed on a land area of 60000 Kanals. The river Sill and adjunct Chauhan Dam lie within the housing society. It is one of the only housing societies in the region that has access to natural water resources. Apart from this, the housing society is strategically located to enjoy undisrupted access from the major roads of Rawalpindi and Islamabad.

CSCI Total Area:

Access Points:

Capital Smart society first covers a total land of 55,000 Kanal, it is 10 times bigger than its neighboring society University Town. It will be one of the closest housing society to the New Islamabad International Airport. The master plan given by society at this moment is provisional and will be extended over time. Additional land will be added to the project and several other blocks will be added to the project in the future.

In August 2019, authorities had submitted the request of extension of land. After the approval of extension now in June 2020, land of Capital Smart City is equal to 80,000 Kanal. It will be the biggest housing society in its nearby area.

It can be easily accessed through Main Chakri Road from M-2 Motorway and via Ring Road in the near future. The housing society is also directly accessible to the surrounding areas via the National Highway, Lahore-Islamabad Motorway (M-2). It will also have its own designated interchange from the motorway which has been approved by FWO.

Why Smart City

Capital Smart City is a new eco-friendly destination with an exclusive designated interchange on motorway (M2). A grand entrance with 18-Lanes (400 Ft. wide) central boulevard just 5-7 minutes away from New Islamabad International Airport.


  • Eco-Friendly City
  • Underground Electricity
  • Advanced Security
  • Green and Clean environment
  • Metro bus system
  • Smart apps i.e. traffic, weather, electricity, internet
  • 24/7 Water, gas & electricity
  • Hotels, Shopping centers, and Sports clubs
  • World Class infrastructure
  • Smart and modern Housing plan
  • Mosques, Parks, lakes
  • Recreational Activities
  • Overseas block
  • 18-Hole Golf Course
  • Moven Pick hotels & Resorts
  • Close proximity to Islamabad and Rawalpindi
  • Designated interchange from M-2

Master Planner

Surbana Jurong (SJ), the Singapore based consultancy firm, was the appointed Master Planner for Capital Smart City. Headquartered in Singapore, SJ is presently one of the largest Asia-based urban, industrial and infrastructure consulting firms, providing one- stop consultancy solutions. SJ’s motto ‘Building Cities, Shaping Lives’ reflects its belief to:-

Create spaces and infrastructure services where people live, work and play.
Shaping cities into homes with sustainable jobs where communities and businesses can flourish.


Surbana Jurong (SJ), the Singapore based consultancy firm, was the appointed Master Planner for Capital Smart City. Headquartered in Singapore, SJ is presently one of the largest Asia-based urban, industrial and infrastructure consulting firms, providing one- stop consultancy solutions. SJ’s motto ‘Building Cities, Shaping Lives’ reflects its belief to:-

  • Create spaces and infrastructure services where people live, work and play.
  • Shaping cities into homes with sustainable jobs where communities and businesses can flourish.

Smart facilities & smart features

We smartely offer perfect combination of business and leisure. Unmatched structural planning, design and civic facilities.

Capital Smart City – Hills Vista

  • Residential Plots
  • Residential Villas
  • Golf Farmhouses
  • Retail
  • Food & Beverages
  • Golf Club House
  • Community Club
  • 18 Hole Golf Course
  • Golf Academ

Capital Smart City – Crystal Lake

  • Shopping Mall
  • Crystal Water Lake
  • Floating Village
  • Light & Musical Dancing Fountain
  • Lake Walk
  • Hospitality, Retail,Food & Beverages
  • Mixed Use Residence Apartments & Offices
  • Concert Arena
  • 3D Max Cinema
  • Star Hotel

 China Village

  • Shopping Mall
  • Crystal Water Lake
  • Shopping Mall
  • Light & Music
  • City Walk
  • Hospitality, Retail, Food & Beverages
  • Mixed Use Residence Apartments & Offices

Financial Square

  • Financial Square Gate Offices
  • Bank Corporate Offices
  • Residence Apartments
  • Conference/Exhibition Halls
  • Hospitality, Food & Beverages
  • 5 Star Boutique Hotels

Aviation Village

  • Logistics Warehouses
  • Cold Storage Warehouses
  • Exhibition Halls
  • Logistics Corporate Office
  • Technology Operational Offices
  • Hospitality, Food & Beverages
  • 3 Star Hotels

 Holiday Park

  • Street Food Truck Park
  • Bird Park
  • Theme Park
  • Holiday Resort
  • Retail
  • Food & Beverages

Healthcare City

  • Hospitals
  • Clinics
  • Laboratories

Education City

  • Universities
  • Medical Colleges
  • Schools
  • Day Care Centers

 Overseas Districts

  • Residential Plots
  • Residential Villas
  • Residential Mansions
  • Hospitality
  • Retail
  • Food & Beverages
  • Health Care
  • Education
  • Mosque
  • Admin Building
  • Linear Park

Toggle Title

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  • Main Mosque (Grand Jamia Mosque)
  • Sector Mosques Park

BRT Systems

  • Interchange
  • Bus & Public Transport Stations
  • Operation & Maintenance Facilities
  • Bus Lines

Urban Utilities

  • Street Food Truck Park
  • Grid Station
  • Solar Parks
  • Potable Water Treatment Plant
  • Police Station
  • Sewerage Treatment Plant
  • Irrigation System
  • Security Control
  • Fire Fighting/Civil Defence System
  • Solid Waste Management System


  • Dedicated Interchange
  • 400 ft Wide Central Boulevard (18 Lanes)
  • Road Network
  • Gate Entries
  • Boundary Wall
  • Landscaping
  • Street Light
  • Running Tracks
  • Cycle Tracks

Smart City Facilities

  • Load Shedding Free Environment
  • Automated Traffic Control
  • Automated Utility Supply
  • Environmental Collection
  • CCTV with Facial & Object Recognition
  • Automated Street Lights
  • Free Wifi Spots
  • Automated Air Conditioning Control System
  • Electric Bikes

Garden Parks

  • Flower Gardens
  • Linear Gardens
  • Heritage Gardens

FDH Buildings

  • Sales Gallery
  • Facility Management
  • Food & Beverages
  • Hospitality

Blocks, categories, and plots

There are multiple blocks in this housing society with thousands of Capital Smart City plots for sale in various sizes. Currently, the operational blocks in the society are:

❖ Capital Smart City Islamabad General Block
❖ Capital Smart City Islamabad Overseas Block
❖ Capital Smart City Islamabad Smart Villas
❖ Harmony Park
❖ Panda Village
❖ Aviation Village
❖ Villas Apartments
❖ Education District
❖ Healthcare District
❖ Lake-view Terrace
❖ Hills Vista
❖ Education City
❖ Financial Square
❖ Holiday Parks

Capital Smart City Executive Block

The Executive Block also commonly referred to as the General block of the CSC is meant for the general public of Pakistan. The installment and payment plan of Islamabad Capital Smart City  Executive Block starts with as low as a 10% down payment while the rest of the amount is to be paid in equal quarterly installments.

The plot sizes available in Executive Block are:

❖ 5 Marla

❖ 7 Marla

❖ 10 Marla

❖ 1 Kanal

❖ 2 Kanal

Capital Smart City Overseas Block

Capital Smart City Overseas Block is located in the elevated area to the right side of the main boulevard of the society, next to Motorway M-2

The Islamabad Capital Smart City Overseas Block is being specifically developed for the Non-Resident Pakistanis. Overseas Pakistanis usually face trouble adjusting here due to the amenities they enjoy abroad. But in this society, they will find everything, in fact, better than the luxuries of abroad.

According to the developers, the CSC overseas block is being developed as a separate gated community provisioning all civic amenities. Like the executive block, booking starts at 10% for CSC’s Overseas Block as well.

The overseas block in CSC Islamabad comprises residential plots for the following dimensions

❖ 5 Marla

❖ 7 Marla

❖ 10 Marla

❖ 12 Marla

❖ 1 Kanal

❖ 2 Kanal

Capital Smart City Overseas Prime Block

Overseas Prime Block was launched on September 23, 2020, after the incredible success of Overseas Block.

The Overseas Prime Block is an exclusive gated community meant for executive non-resident Pakistanis. The Overseas Prime Block of the Capital Smart City Islamabad is located within the premise of the society as a separate and exclusive community. This Prime Block is located at the highest location of the Capital Smart City Islamabad. The elevation of the Overseas Prime Block gives it the unique advantage of having the highest elevation in the area. According to the developers of Capital Smart City Islamabad, the Overseas Prime Block is set to be one of the most exclusive communities that are being designed from the ground up to be luxurious and absolutely elite. The overseas prime block of the Capital Smart City Islamabad is an exclusively designed and deployed community by a Singaporean urban development and landscaping firm, Surbana Jurong. The community is being developed at the highest point in Capital Smart City that offers a 360-degree non-obstructive panoramic view of the housing society. Here are some of the main features of the Overseas Prime Block:

❖ Highest Elevation: The Overseas Prime Block of the Capital Smart City is located at the highest location within the locale of CSC. The community offers a complete panoramic view of the surroundings including the majestic Chauhan Dam and the Khairi Murat Mountain Range

❖ Golfing Community: An international standard 18-Hole golf course will be a part of the Overseas Prime Block. The Gold Course is being designed by internationally acclaimed Peter Harradine. The community will be built around the golf course.

❖ Ferris Wheel and Dancing Fountain View: The Overseas Prime Block of the Capital Smart City is being developed at a location that will give a beautiful and scenic view of the upcoming dancing fountain as well as Pakistan’s biggest Ferris Wheel.

❖ F2 Race Track: The Overseas Prime Block is the only community that is all set to have the first-ever F2 Race Track in Pakistan. The residents of Overseas Prime Block will be able to enjoy the motorsports without any obstruction.

❖ Dedicated Security: The Overseas Prime Block of the Capital Smart city is all set to have its own smart security infrastructure. Advanced biometric and facial recognition is being deployed that will only allow the residents to enter the community. Apart from smart security systems and infrastructure, a special rapid response force will be deployed across the overseas prime block to ensure 100% safety and quick emergency response.

Residential Plots in the Overseas Prime Block

The overseas prime block of Islamabad Capital Smart City has exclusive but limited residential plots. Like the rest of the Capital Smart City Islamabad, the plot sizes in the overseas prime block start from 7 Marla and go up to 2 Kanal. Since the community will be an ultra-luxurious and modern community, the prices of this block are a bit higher than the rest of the smart city blocks.

Deal & Deals is an exclusive partner of Capital Smart City and a platinum dealer. The plots are exclusively available at Deal & Deals at exciting prices. The booking for Overseas Prime Block is available at Deal & Deals for as low as a 10% down payment. The rest of the payment will be divided into equal monthly/quarterly installments spread over a period of 3.5 years.




Commercial Plots in Overseas Prime Block

Limited commercial plots in the overseas prime block are available exclusively with Deal & Deals. The commercial plot sizes in Overseas Prime Block range from 4 Marla to 8 Marla.

A very limited inventory of 4 marla commercial plots in Capital Smart City Islamabad is available with Deal & Deals. According to the real estate specialists at Deal & Deals, the commercial investments in Overseas Prime Block have always turned out to be fruitful for our clients. The previous commercial plot bookings in the executive and the overseas blocks of CSC have already yielded a profit for the early bird investors.



Capital Smart City Harmony Park Block

Harmony Park Block of Capital Smart City Islamabad features very low costing plots and ready-made apartments with all the luxury amenities to ensure that segments of society, who are not very well-off can also enjoy the elated living standard. The harmony block is being designed by keeping in view the needs and necessities of the Pakistani working class.

This harmony block is a unique demarcation within CSC and not only the plots, but CSC is also offering Villas at a very affordable price. The plot and villa sizes in the Harmony block are all 3.5 Marla. Anyone can choose between ready-made luxury villas or plots where they can construct the houses the way they want.

The Harmony Park Block is located next to the Capital Smart City Executive Block. Besides the 3.5 marla residential plots, the ready-made villas are the minimal costing one-bedroom and three-bedroom flats.

The Capital Smart City owners and developers took the inspiration for this very affordable block from the Prime Minister’s ‘Apna Ghar’ scheme and Awami Villas in Bahria Town. The official bookings started back on April 22nd, 2020 but still, it is one of the most popular offerings in the real estate market of the Twin Cities.


Capital Smart City Islamabad Villas

Capital Smart City Islamabad Villas is a truly ‘Smart’ offering by the developers. A variety of luxury villas with swimming pools and garden courts are part of the smart Villas development. The villas have cutting-edge technology for smart lighting, home security, appliance management, home safety, and intelligent landscaping, among other things.

Located right next to the Islamabad International Airport, these villas include:

❖ 5 Marla Smart Villas

❖ 3 Bed Villas

❖ 4 Bed Villas

❖ 7 Marla Smart Villas

❖ 4 Bed Villas

❖ 10 Marla Smart Villas

❖ 4 Bed Villas

❖ 5 Bed Villas

❖ 12 Marla Smart Villas

❖ 4 Bed Villas

❖ 5 Bed Villas

❖ 1 Kanal Smart Villas

❖ 5 Bed Villas

❖ 6 Bed Villas

❖ 2 Kanal Smart Villas

❖ 5 Bed Villas

❖ 6 Bed Villas

❖ 7 Bed Villas

In Pakistan, for the first time, the concept of Smart Homes is brought to life by Capital Smart City Villas. Here, ultimately, every aspect of the residents’ home management will be automated, i.e., they can control every aspect of your house from a single digital device. Moreover,  Smart Villas make use of cutting-edge and imported technology to provide a more secure environment.

The Overseas Block and Executive Block are home to these several elegant villas. These are nestled between Crystal Lake and an 18-hole golf course. As per the original Capital Smart City master plan, smart Villas are planned in two of Capital Smart City’s developing blocks, the Overseas Block and the Executive Block. Smart villas of 5 marlas, 10 marlas, 1 Kanal, and 2 Kanal are planned for the Overseas block, while villas of 5 marlas, 7 marlas, 10 marlas, and 12 marlas are proposed for the Executive block. But considering the response from investors, developers are planning to launch more villas in the future in new blocks as well.

Capital Smart City Commercial Plots

Commercial plots of Capital Smart City are available in 4 Marla, 6 Marla, and 8 Marla sizes.

Capital Smart City Islamabad is located at one of the most prime spots of twin cities. It is near the CPEC route and the new commercial hub of Rawalpindi that will be on Ring Road, is also right beside it. Considering all these factors, CSC Islamabad is the best location to carry out any commercial activities successfully.

Capital Smart City Islamabad Commercial plots are offered in the following 5 blocks:

❖ General Block

❖ Executive Block

❖ Overseas Block-I

❖ Overseas Block-II

❖ Harmony Park

Commercial plots of 67 Sq Yd and 100 Sq Yd located in the new block, Harmony Park is the latest offering by the society.

Capital Smart City Farmhouses

These are the most expensive offerings of the Capital Smart City Islamabad but the sizes and amenities offered to justify the price. Like all the other plots, villas, and other properties, CSC farmhouses are also offered on a 3 years easy Capital Smart City installment plan with a 10% down payment and remaining payments in 3 years installments (12 quarterly installments).

Located near the new Islamabad Airport, the farmhouse block will feature all the luxury facilities like connections of utilities, roads, etc., but there will be no signature hustle and bustle of the big cities. Most of the area is preserved for greenery to preserve the natural character of farmhouses, these are built on agricultural lands.

Capital Smart City farm houses plots are offered in two sizes:

❖ 4 Kanal

❖ 8 Kanal

Villas Apartments

The brand new introduction of Capital Smart City Islamabad is Villas Apartments. These will be available in the following 2 sizes:

❖ 5 Marla One bed Villa Apartment (660 Sq Ft.)

❖ 5 Marla Two bed Villa Apartment (856 Sq Ft.)

Smart Housing

This project offers a dynamic range of Capital Smart Homes with some of the most advanced Housing features in Pakistan’s capital, Islamabad.

Smart Environment

CSC Islamabad ensures a smart environment where technology and innovation are used to ensure all the advanced needs of residents.

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